Work-Life Balance: The Happiness Factor

Work-Life Balance: The Happiness Factor

Posted February 12th, 2015 in Mentorship.

Emily Howard knows something about work-life balance. An engineering psychologist for Boeing, Ms. Howard sums it up well: “People talk about their home life versus their work life. But to be successful, what you really have to do is integrate your professional and personal activities into your one life.” (Read more about Ms. Howard, courtesy of Boeing, Frontiers, Boeing’s newsletter. Permission granted by Boeing and employees of Boeing.)

As an expert in her field, she understands how technology and people work together as an integrated system, and the importance of this dynamic relationship. However, everywhere people struggle in their personal and professional lives to strike a balance in the relationships they have with technology – an odd problem especially since the advancement of technology had so much to do with making our lives easier.

In late January, I spoke to Boeing’s Women in Leadership. I addressed happiness, and how I believe we can remedy the deficit that is felt across the professional spectrum of high-level executives to entry-level employees.

Happiness, of course, is a key element of wellbeing for all human beings. And by modern standards, a healthy work-life balance is intrinsic to our happiness.


There has been a lot of press around women and self-advocacy, and how that contributes to our professional advancement, and in turn, how that impacts our self-worth and overall wellbeing.

Being in the field of engineering psychology, Ms. Howard understands that people do not always think alike. Additionally, she understands that people respond to stress in different ways. She believes the natural diversity of any group of people is advantageous. “It helps bring people with different thought patterns and approaches onto teams that might have in the past held more of a homogenous view.”

When we encourage and support diversity within an organization, we allow the individual to be an active presence within the group. Not only is it essential to the self-esteem of the individual but it is also essential to the overall function and health of the company.


By opening up and asking others to step up and step in, we invite our differences to come together and problem solve, fostering the sense of belonging and purpose that is an integral part of happiness for an individual and a group.

We invite you to share with us how you step up and step in.

*Pictures reproduced with permission from Boeing and Boeing employees. Ms. Howard’s quotes reproduced with permission from Boeing.