Women On The Rise

Women On The Rise

Posted August 19th, 2014 in Career Advancement.

The expectation for stay at home moms is over, women are raising children and accelerating in their jobs; they’re doing it all! While women have been making huge strides in bridging the gap between their male counterparts in the workplace, women in executive positions are still a a hard find, even in this progressive era. This is absolutely unacceptable given how much women bring to the table in terms of leadership and creating an important dynamic, leading their companies to success.

Shavon Lindley, co-founder of Women Evolution, has made it her business to empower women in the workplace. Her easy to access, 6-week online program is the result of a problem she faced: needing a mentor that could educate within the same parameters of her lifestyle. As she learned to balance her work, her family and herself she knew she wanted to provide the same experience to other women. Recognized on the front page of Yahoo! Finance, Shavon is among women who too have reached $1 million with their company. Beginning her career as a financial planner, Shavon soon reached out to find mentors who had similar aspirations as her, but found there to be a lack of these women. After interviewing a range of incredibly passionate and successful women in business, she realized the key things that they all had in common to which they attributed their success. These stories and lessons were the seed that grew into each lesson and video; catering to the development of professional careers and personal growth. The 6 week online mentorship program works equally well for women on their own or used in corporate training. It utilizes experiences of high-level executive women to empower women in their work regardless of what their careers may be. The secret was finding the overlap between each executive and isolating the common accomplishments of each. By revealing these stories and using them to aid in the mentorship, the program provides real life expertise in how to achieve as a women in a leadership position.

Shavon will be sharing her experiences at the California Women’s Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center May 19 – May 20 as a speaker, hosting a Panel of executives from leading companies including WD-40,, Intuit, Jones Day and Modus. . These speakers will be talking about their same journey with mentorship and how it’s helped their professional and personal lives. If you’re interested in attending the conference and , find tickets for seats or tables. Attendees will be able to attend a free mentor-matching program hosted by Women Evolution, sign up now.

Can’t make it? Watch the live stream of the VIP Mentor Panel here on Monday, May 19 2014 from 3:30-4:45pm.

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