Will The Real Shavon Lindley Please Stand Up?

Will The Real Shavon Lindley Please Stand Up?

Posted March 20th, 2017 in Mentorship.

Yes, I was obsessed with Eminem in high school. Don’t judge. You know you liked him, too. To begin this story, will the real Shavon Lindley please stand up…

First, the professional stuff.

Did you know that I…

  • Received my BS in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin(go Longhorns) even though I grew up in Tulsa, OK where it is custom to go to OU…I have always been a rebel
  • Spent 12 years in the financial planning industry where I went from not knowing what a mutual fund was to assistant manager within 2 years, and then ultimately opened my own top wealth management practice at the age of 26
  • Hosted a weekly radio program on ESPN for 3 years called “The CEO Show” and I interviewed over 150 executives from Fortune 1000 companies like Jack-in-the-Box, WD-40, and International Game Technology
  • Produced a documentary film featuring one of the Fortune 1000 executive women I interviewed as she shares her real story of how she made it while she simultaneously teaching an up-and-coming female leader exactly how she can do the same
  • Have been featured on the front page of Yahoo! for reaching over $1,000,000 with my businesses
  • Facilitated the largest mentoring program to ever exist at the California Women’s Conference
  • Created a board of directors and advisors that have catapulted this company to levels I’ve always dreamed about
  • Am a passionate, purpose-driven optimist who is dedicated to developing emerging female leaders into high potential candidates and transforming the corporate pipeline from within by leveraging innovative and scalable peer-learning and mentoring solutions designed to create more gender-balanced high performing teams.

Now, for the personal stuff…I am a mom to Raya, my baby girl. She’s the light of my life. I have the most incredibly supportive husband. He is the string to my kite and I adore him. I love living life to the fullest! I’m a green smoothie drinking, avid music lover with a ridiculously loud laugh.

I’m really proud of the hard work that went into making each of those things happen, but I have never publically shared all of those accomplishments for too many reasons to count and…

I refuse to hold back what I have learned for fear of not being 100% ready any longer.

Moving forward things will be different…

I believe we all possess the power to have the career of our dreams, we just have to be shown how from someone who has been there before.

Now…are you ready for what I learned after interviewing over 150 executives on my ESPN radio program?

I discovered that there were 6 common pillars of leadership amongst every great executive.

Regardless of their industry, title, or nationality, these 6 attributes rose to the top as what they attributed to getting them from one level to the next in their career.

I created a simple, free PDF called 6 Qualities of a Great Leader that will not only tell you about these 6 qualities but also explain how you can start implementing them yourself immediately.

It is only when we leverage these qualities that we can spend more time on projects we love, nail our performance reviews, and build influence and diffuse conflict with ease.

No email or opt-in required. Just download directly and let me know what you think!