Richard Branson, Diversity, and the Workplace

Richard Branson, Diversity, and the Workplace

Posted March 11th, 2015 in Mentorship ,Uncategorized.

Sunday, March 8th, was Women’s Day. I relish the efforts by companies and individuals this time of year to share solutions for the advancement of women in the work place. One of the most recent is Richard Branson’s post on March 6th about advancing diversity in the work place.

Mr. Branson identified four short and spot-on ways in which companies can address gender bias:

  • Demonstrate Commitment
  • Sponsoring
  • Move Beyond Numbers and Targets
  • Experimenting and Rewarding

Skills ConceptNumber 2 is near and dear to us as Women Evolution directly addresses the importance of mentoring and sponsorship.

Three years ago, it felt like we were spending most of our time educating people and companies about the importance of advancement for women. Though there is still that aspect to our conversations, now more and more companies are getting it, and they are focusing on the how – the part we like AND provide!

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