Monumental Millionaire Series

Monumental Millionaire Series

Posted August 2nd, 2016 in Career Advancement ,Mentorship.

Monumental Millionaire

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Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with the fantastic ladies from Monumental Millionaire. Heather Prestanski, Stephanie Nickolich, and Laura Wright are successful leading women who have come together to create an online, unscripted series featuring business and life tips from women, for women. I couldn’t have been more thrilled when they asked me to join them.

Of course, my main focus during our discussion was mentorship and the value that mentors add to our professional and personal lives. Here’s 50 minutes worth of candid insight into the world of mentorship, a look at how each of us have been affected by mentors, and how you can do the same. After watching the video, sign up for a free gift from me to you. Make this the year you leverage the full power of a mentoring relationship. Enjoy!