Join Hundreds in Advocating Leadership at the 2014 California Women’s Conference

Join Hundreds in Advocating Leadership at the 2014 California Women’s Conference

Posted May 17th, 2014 in Career Advancement ,Mentorship.

The California Women’s Conference is the largest conference in the nation with executives from all industries coming together to advocate leadership; we’re so excited to be a part of this year’s event! Join us as we inspire success driven women to develop resources and connections to take the next steps in business, personal development, health and wellness, and philanthropic endeavors. This year’s conference is built around five cornerstones of women’s lives – career life, community life, social life, financial life and physical life. Our VIP Mentor Panel will focus on the elements of career life and how mentorship can help your professional growth! This two-day forum will have over 100 amazing speakers, entertainers, and opportunities to expand personal horizons.


Long Beach, CA – May 19th & 20th, California Women’s Conference
This year will be featuring several successful speakers including Jack Canfield, author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and Arianna Huffington, Chair, President, and Editor-in-Chief of Huffington Post Media Group. Joining the list of entrepreneurs is Shavon Lindley, co-founder of Women Evolution. Shavon began her career as a financial planner but while looking for female mentors in her field, she was hard pressed to find one. She saw this as a problem, but one that could be fixed. What she needed was mentorship to take ownership of her career, and through that process, she realized that she wanted to give that same experience to as many women as possible; and with that, Women Evolution was born! Through the use of mentors and mentees, Women Evolution aims to educate the individual or entire Fortune 1000 companies alike. The six-week online program features executive women mentoring the necessary skills for success in the business world. Gaining insight through the experiences of women owning their leadership, the program teaches women to own their purpose, their voice, their emotions, feedback and critique, complicated conversations & relationships and owning their evolution. These women understand the day-to-day struggles of women in the work place and share their expertise through experience.

Join Shavon, along with her panel of guests as they talk about the benefits of mentorship and share their personal stories about the journey they’ve taken to get where they are today:

  • Josie Gillan (
  • Cheryl Ainoa (Intuit)
  • Tamera Weisser (Jones Day)
  • Krista Treide (Modus)
  • Garry Ridge (WD-40)

If you are interested in attending the California Women’s Conference, please sign up for either a seat or a table and make the change you want to see in yourself.

Can’t make it? Watch the live stream of the VIP Mentor Panel here on Monday, May 19 2014 from 3:30-4:45pm.

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