Intel’s Data Driven Diversity Push

Intel’s Data Driven Diversity Push

Posted January 7th, 2016 in Diversity & Inclusion.

I posed a question for 2016 in my last blog post: “will we see an actual increase in the number of women in senior level positions?” I said I think we will. I’ll cop to the fact that I’m an optimist by nature, but Intel just backed me up with an encouraging, data driven update on its effort to expand diversity in its ranks.

In January 2015 at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich made a splash when he announced the company’s new goal in diversity and inclusion: to achieve full representation of under represented minorities and women by the year 2020 in its U.S. workforce. He called on the rest of the industry to join him in working to improve diversity in technology, and he committed Intel to investing $300 million to prime the pipeline for a more diverse set of potential tech employees.

As CES officially kicked off its 2016 show today, the logical question a year later is: how is Intel doing with its goal? For my data and analytics geeks out there, check out this recent interview with Alexis Fink, Ph. D., Intel’s Director of Talent Intelligence Analytics. She discusses some specifics about how Intel tracks and reports its progress toward diversity hires as well as developing and promoting talent from within.

For a more in-depth snapshot of the company’s diversity efforts over the past year, read this fact sheet. It’s full of tasty tidbits, a few of which I share with you here:

  • Intel is currently tracking to 43.3% diverse hires in 2015, which exceeds its goal in the United States of 40% for 2015.
  • More African – Americans and women are working at Intel today than there were at the beginning of 2015.
  • More women and under – represented minorities are in leadership today at Intel than at the beginning of 2015 (VP and above, Fellows, and Senior Fellows).

Intel, WE applaud your efforts and can’t wait to hear more about your progress as 2020 approaches. WE also hope other companies follow your lead.