About Us

Our Core Purpose

Women Evolution is a curriculum that helps women learn critical skills to become a successful leader.

WE are inspired to develop a better path for future female leaders that is creative, relevant and taught in a way that we learn best- through sharing stories.

WE all learn best when someone shows us how to do something and through our scalable mentorship model we could give all women access to the top female executives in the country giving us all the advice we need to take ownership of our career, our success and our happiness.

WE believe every woman should be equipped with the 6 critical leadership skills that drives confidence and the courage to own her career.

Our Team

Shavon Lindley

Shavon Lindley

Shavon Lindley co-founded Women Evolution in 2012 after a difficult and frustrating search to find her own female mentor. After years of sacrificing her own health and happiness at the altar of success, she knew she needed to take control of her own career. Connecting with a female mentor who could relate to her own career and personal aspirations, offer candid advice and act as a sounding board was exactly what she needed.

Shavon quickly realized that finding a female mentor with the qualities she was looking for was no easy task. She knew that there were thousands of bright and driven women out there like her who could benefit from female mentorship – if they could only find it. She began to seek out and interview dozens of Fortune 1000 executive women to find how they were able to navigate the corporate landscape, have a family and maintain their happiness. What she learned became the foundation of Women Evolution.

Today, Shavon is a nationally recognized career and mentorship expert specializing in the advancement of women in typically male dominated fields. She began her career in 2004 in the financial services industry and quickly became her firm’s top producing representative in Southern California. She attributes much of her early success to working hard, being able to handle rejection and having a supportive, business-focused mentor.

Shavon grew up in Tulsa, Ok and received her BS in Mathematics from the University of Texas at Austin.  She is an avid music lover with a ridiculously loud laugh and you can always find her at Coachella Music Festival. Currently, she lives in Del Mar, CA with her husband, daughter and 2 rescue dogs.