25 Questions To Ask Yourself As We Kick-Off 2014

25 Questions To Ask Yourself As We Kick-Off 2014

Posted December 31st, 2013 in Career Advancement.

Beyond the festivities, travel, celebration and joy of the holiday season, December was truly a time of reflection. I experienced this myself as I was home with family. Amidst all the chaos that is involved with kids running around, a sick husband and spending time with loved ones, I had the chance to sit back and really reflect on all that happened in 2013.

Within this reflection there were so many accomplishments, LOTS of mistakes and even more lessons that I can take with me to make 2014 the year of my dreams.

During this time I also read this fantastic blog by Ashley Wilhite. She shared 25 questions to ask as you reflect and move towards the New Year. I borrowed some of these questions (thank you Ashley!) and added some of my own. My hope is that at least one of these questions causes you to be proud of your successes in 2013 and provide the inspiration to make 2014 even better than you can imagine!

25 Questions To Ask Yourself As We Kick-Off 2014

  1. What am I most proud of this year?
  2. When have I felt the most alive?
  3. Where am I feeling stuck?
  4. Am I passionate about my career?
  5. Is my career aligned with my personal values?
  6. When did I feel most creatively inspired?
  7. What projects have I completed?
  8. What lessons have I learned?
  9. In what areas have I found balance?
  10. In what areas can I use more balance?
  11. How did I spend my free time?
  12. How well did I take care of my body, mind and soul?
  13. How can I restructure my time?
  14. Where can I ask for help?
  15. How have I procrastinated?
  16. How have I allowed fear of failure hold me back?
  17. Where has self-doubt taken over?
  18. Where have I used my voice?
  19. How have I taught others to respect me?
  20. How can I improve my relationships?
  21. How have I advocated for those around me?
  22. What skills do I need to advance my career?
  23. What am I actively doing to gain those skills?
  24. What new habits would I like to cultivate?
  25. What can I do each day to create the career and life of my dreams?

These are a few of my favorites but I would love to hear yours! Leave a comment with your favorite reflective and inspiring questions below!

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One thought on “25 Questions To Ask Yourself As We Kick-Off 2014”

  1. Jhoei says:

    These are brilliant questions that one can think of as they reflect on the things that happened to them for a year.

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