Women, We Need To Be Agile

Women, We Need To Be Agile

Posted March 8th, 2017 in Mentorship.


Adjective: agile
1. Able to move quickly and easily. Able to think and understand quickly.
“His vague manner concealed an agile mind.”

2. Having a quick, resourceful and adaptable character.

Areva Martin and Terri Funk Graham at the Farmer’s Open

WE Executive Board Member Terri Funk Graham recently attended the Farmer’s Insurance Open, “Executive Women’s Day.” Keynote speaker Areva Martin gave a provocative presentation, during which she suggested that now more than ever, women need to be agile.

The wheels in my head began to turn as I considered the possible ways that women could use agility to change their life, and impact the lives of others. Areva herself is a prime example. Now a TV talk show host, legal commentator, civil rights attorney and award-winning children’s and women’s rights advocate, she overcame the circumstances she was dealt in life and rose out of poverty to attend Harvard Law. Talk about agility.

Areva’s story became her message, which she shared in a powerful way at the Farmer’s Open. I couldn’t agree more; women need to be agile. We must embrace change to embrace possibility; owning our purpose as we grow. Most importantly, we should be resourceful and become a resource for other women in the workplace.

During her panel at the Farmer’s Open, Terri dove into why it’s so important for women to have a mentor. WE talk about this all the time. However, Terri didn’t forget to mention that it’s just as essential (if not more so) to pay it forward and give back. I can attest to how life-changing it is to become a resource and advocate for equality and for women in leadership. Mentorship is most valuable when experienced from both sides.

I’m dedicated to doing my part to create change this year. Through my “Rising Leaders” column on Forbes, I’ll be celebrating women who are owning their evolution while paying it forward. I’m looking for women who are like Areva Martin and Terri Graham to showcase. If you know a rising female leader that you’d like nominate, nominate them by clicking here.